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5 tips to keep your dog safe in grafton ma this winter

5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe in Grafton MA This Winter

Winter is creeping up on us and the temperatures have begun to drop here in Massachusetts. Now is a good time to remind you how to keep your dog safe in Grafton MA this winter! If you’re new to owning a dog or if you’ve had them your whole life, you need to know these tips to ensure the safety of your pup!

1. If You’re Cold, Your Dog Is Cold

Unless you plan on getting your dog (another) fur coat, it’s a smart idea to limit your dogs’ time outdoors. When the temperature drops, it’s easy for your dog to get frostbite. Unless you have a breed that does well in low temperatures like a Siberian Husky, an Akita or a Saint Bernard, keep the dogs inside!

2. Keep Dogs Away from Winter Chemicals

In the wintertime, people use a lot of ice salt on the roads and antifreeze in their cars. Even the smallest amount of antifreeze in your dogs’ system can cause severe illness like kidney failure. The salt on the roads is not always pet-safe and can injure your pups’ paws or be harmful to their health when ingested. Keep them away from these chemicals!

3. Stay Off the Ice

It always breaks our hearts to hear about dogs falling through ice into freezing cold water, whether they don’t survive, or they get rescued. It’s extremely hard to tell how thin ice is, so don’t risk that for your dog!

4. Beware of Ice Balls

If you have a long-haired dog, it is easy for ice balls to form on their fur. When wet snow touches their paws, legs, or stomach, it can freeze into a heavy ice balls. Removing these might be a pain to you, but it’s painful for your dog! Invest in a good pair of winter boots or leg wraps for your pup!

5. Bundle Up

It may have been fun to dress your dog up for this past Halloween but dressing them up in the winter is critical for their safety. If you leave the house with a coat on, your dog should too! Still fun, and very important!

Now that you have all these tips for keeping your dog safe in Grafton MA this winter, be sure to stick to them! We want nothing more than for your dog to be safe & happy! Once you’ve achieved those things, next on the list is for your dog to be obedient! When you’re ready for that step, contact us for the best dog trainer in MA!