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About Us

Kinematic Canine is a dog training company founded in 2019 by Kyle Cordero, proudly serving the Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire areas. Our services feature advanced obedience training catered to adult dogs and puppies of all sizes and breeds.

Our Company

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At Kinematic Canine, we offer behavior modification services for all dog breeds through hands-on dog training classes, including puppy kindergarten throughout the week. We understand, big or small, every dog breed presents specific needs, unique personalities, and individual desires. Kinematic Canine will provide your puppies with a training program custom-tailored to your dog’s needs, in one-hour sessions for a suggested six weeks. This type of problem-solving goes to great lengths in reaching your desired goals in a fun place where pets thrive, to better mold a well-behaved member of your family.  

Dog Training Classes

Once you select Kinematic Canine as your dog trainer, our professional trainers go to work determining the ability of each new puppy in strict adherence to LIMA guidelines. LIMA stands for “Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive,” which involves training methods that avoid using chokes, prongs, shock collars, or E-collars, for a more positive experience. It is very seldom for tools of this nature to be seen fit for any of our behavior programs.

Positive reinforcement is proven to produce the lowest incidences of aggression, avoidance, separation anxiety, and attention-seeking during a dog’s training, even in fearful dogs. Should undesirable behavior call for such tools, we contact the client directly after exhausting every possible alternative method in order to teach their dog.

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Behavior Modification

Kinematic Canine’s trainers are proud members of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). Through the regular participation in annual learning courses and seminars, our team remains dedicated to furthering their pet-oriented education. In this way, we remain committed to providing our clients with consistent, dependable behavior modification techniques well-suited to their four-legged friends. 

Puppy Programs

Younger dogs also benefit from puppy classes with a professional dog trainer, so they can learn right from wrong as early as possible. This better enables puppies to learn appropriate interactions with other dogs, people, loud environments, etc.  A basic obedience dog training program includes learning to sit, off-leash training, family classes, in-person training, and more.

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Need a Professional Dog Trainer?

If you are searching for the best dog training in Central MA or Southern NH, look no further than Kinematic Canine. Kyle and his team of professional dog trainers are well-equipped to improve dog behaviors with training classes, regardless of learning level, offering decades of combined experience. From your initial visit, Kinematic Canine’s trainers will care for your puppy as if it were their very own, in a loving space free from punishment and fear. Our service features an obedience training plan, including basic manners, which you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Leash Training

It should come as no surprise to pet parents alike that canines like to roam – it is in their very nature. Loose leash walking is a learned skill that is quite beneficial to any pet owner looking to experience a more enjoyable walk with their canine. In turn, leash control enables both you and your dog to avoid the dangers associated with running loose, including wild animals, traffic, and more.

Basic Commands

It is important to teach our pets to be obedient and stay close by for a variety of reasons. A few of these basic commands not only keep your trained dogs safe but also help to create a stress-free experience. Some of these commands frequently taught by trainers include wait, search, sit and stay. Already been trained? We can work with previous training, including basic obedience, with a private lesson in our local training facility.

Destructive Habits

Did you know that dog trainers can help your dog’s chewing habits, dog aggression, and excessive barking come to a halt? An adult dog will chew on everything they can get their mouth on, and this leads to trouble when the materials are unsuitable, toxic, or otherwise dangerous. Your dog’s trainer can suggest training programs that not only improve the dog’s life but also produce a well-behaved dog through training success.

Dog Walking Services

Kinematic Canine is also proud to offer professional dog walking services to local pet owners across Massachusetts and New Hampshire. This service features weekly dog walking packages for individuals, groups, and more, for 30 minutes per day of play. If that weren’t enough, Kinematic Canine offers a rate by the minute, which is beneficial for dog breeds with demanding activity requirements.

Ready to Start your Dog Training in MA or NH?

If you are tired of waiting for results and currently live within our service areas? Book a dog training session today to get started!  For more information, submit our online contact form or give us a call to book an appointment.

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