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What Can My Dog Eat This Holiday Season?

What Can My Dog Eat This Holiday Season

Christmas & Hanukkah are weeks away, you’re probably wondering what they can have a few bites of under the table and what you must tell your guests to keep them away from. Read on for what you can and can’t give your dog his holiday season!

5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe in Grafton MA This Winter

5 tips to keep your dog safe in grafton ma this winter

Winter is creeping up on us and the temperatures have begun to drop here in Massachusetts. Now is a good time to remind you how to keep your dog safe in Grafton MA this winter! If you’re new to owning a dog or if you’ve had them your whole life, you need to know these tips to ensure the safety of your pup!

Everyone’s New Favorite – Belgian Malinois

everyones new favorite belgian malinois

The news has been filled lately with the news of Conan, the heroic Belgian Malinois who chased ISIS leader, Abu Baker al-Baghdadi to his death. Every outlet is flooded with stories about this American hero and how she should receive a Purple Heart (we agree)! But this media coverage is putting a spotlight on Belgian Malinois which is causing thousands of people to call breeders in search for their own Conan!

Keep Your Dog Safe in Grafton, MA

keep your dog safe in grafton ma

Halloween is tomorrow! Isn’t it crazy how quickly this year is flying by? We wanted to take this time to remind you to keep your dog safe in Grafton, MA by being cautious of your dog this Halloween!

Need A Dog Trainer in Grafton?

need a dog trainer in grafton ma

Is your dog pulling the leash everywhere you go? What about lunging on walks? Can’t take your dog in public because they’re acting crazy? Don’t worry. No matter what breed, age, or how disobedient the dog, Kinematic Canine is the dog trainer in Grafton for you!