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Dog Walking

For dog owners who are interested in routine exercise and interaction for their dogs that can go beyond just dog walking.

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Just need a walk?​

$ 100
  • Everyone has busy schedules, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, that can make it difficult to fit in time to walk your dog. Our walkers will come to your house and make sure your pup gets some extra attention for the day. They can either take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood or play with them in your yard, whichever your prefer!

Working with a trainer?​

$ 120
  • If you are already enrolled in one of our training programs, then you know that repetition is very important. Our dog walkers will come to your house and help get those repetitions in! Our walkers will be working hand in hand with your dog's trainer and following their instructions on how to supplement your dog's training program on their walks.

Don't need the full 5 days a week? Need more than five 30-minute walks? We can walk your dog for as little or as long as you'd like!


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Pack Walk

By appointment, based on number of participants (3 or more) approximately once a month or by custom schedule.

Objective: Social outing for dogs and owners. Walks through neighborhoods, nature walks/hikes. This is a way for you and your dog to get together with friends and enjoy group walks and hikes with a trainer. This is a great opportunity for owners to socialize their dogs and to expose them to different unfamiliar elements. This is great for confidence building, to practice training techniques and to meet other like-minded people and their dogs.

Only current or previous clients can participate. Distance and terrain will vary depending on comfort levels of participants. Walks will be scheduled depending on weather and the number of participants.

Pricing Varies.

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