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Dog Walking in MA & NH

Dog walking

We offer dog walking in NH and MA for dog owners who are interested in the best dog walking services, to receive a level of animal care that goes beyond simple dog walking. Kinematic Canine offers some of the best dog walker services to both long-time residents or pet parents who have recently moved to the area. If you are in the Worcester or Nashua area and need a professional to help care for your pets, look no further than Kinematic Canine.

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Just need a walk?​

$ 100
  • A busy schedule makes it difficult to fit in dog walks on a regular basis. This is where our dog walkers make your life easier as part of a perfect solution. Our dog walking service keeps those paws moving, adding excitement to the life of dogs. Now you can have the best dog walker experience, with a Kinematic Canine professional dog walker. Our professional will come to your house and care for your pets, ensuring your puppy receives the essential attention and exercise it needs. We can either take your dogs for walks around your neighborhood or play with them in your yard - whichever you prefer!

Working with a trainer?​

$ 120
  • Many of the pet owners around Southern New Hampshire and Central MA have enjoyed the best training programs Kinematic Canine has to offer. This kind of owner understands how important repetition is to the success of training, experience, energy level, and overall fun had by their pets. Our walkers do a great job striving to care for your pets as their own, adding peace of mind you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in NH. Our incredibly flexible services mean our dog walkers or pet sitter will come to your town and maintain crucial repetitions for your pets. As MA’s best dog walkers, we contact and work directly with your dog's trainer as a team. This ensures your pet continues working on its training program during activities, with appropriate rest breaks, as part of our premier pet care services in MA & NH.

Don't need the full 5 days a week? Need more than five 30-minute walks? We can walk your dog for as little or as long as you'd like!


Pack Walk

If you have several dog friends around you, and you enjoy meeting up with your pets, we can assist with your pet care needs. By appointment only, our group walk schedule is based on the number of participants of 3 or more. Typically, these specialized pup services take place once a month or according to a custom day care dog schedule.

The objective of such a social outing is to get dogs active with their owner, participating as a part of a whole team. You can enjoy walking together through the neighborhoods for optimal dog care, or participate in nature hiking ventures with your friends. This event will enable you and your pet to participate in a group walk, as well as team hiking sessions with a dog trainer.

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Group activities are a great opportunity for owners and pets alike. You can socialize your dogs while continuing to expose your four-legged friend to new and unfamiliar elements on a local level. This is great for building confidence while continuing to practice training techniques, increasing your peace of mind while also meeting up with other like-minded people and their animals.

Please note, only current or previous clients of Kinematic Canine are eligible to participate in a group event. Distance and terrain will vary depending on the comfort level of each participant. Furthermore, walking events will be scheduled according to the weather and the number of active participants.

Pricing Varies.

Dog Walkers

Keeping your dog on a regular walking schedule can make all the difference in their behavior, while also supporting their training program. The professionals at Kinematic Canine suggest daily intentional movement, as part of your at-home exercise regimen. Sometimes this can be hard to fit in, which is where the best dog walking services come into play.

Now you can improve your level of pet care by scheduling our best dog walker or professional pet sitting services in any MA or NH town. Kinematic Canine’s dog walkers strive to make your life easier, by providing the utmost animal care services to owners across Central MA and Southern NH and surrounding areas. Even when you are at work, you can ensure man’s best friend is getting in necessary movement.

Our walking programs are very popular nowadays, so act fast! Don’t wait to claim your spot for a group event, pet sitter, or dog walker. To schedule the best dog walking services for your favorite pet, submit our online contact form or give us a call today and book an appointment.

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