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everyones new favorite belgian malinois

Everyone’s New Favorite – Belgian Malinois

The news has been filled lately with the news of Conan, the heroic Belgian Malinois who chased ISIS leader, Abu Baker al-Baghdadi to his death. Every outlet is flooded with stories about this American hero and how she should receive a Purple Heart (we agree)!

But this media coverage is putting a spotlight on Belgian Malinois which is causing thousands of people to call breeders in search for their own Conan!

Why this is good:

Breeds like Belgian Malinois are have been looked at as dangerous and aggressive for years, according to the media. Other breeds grouped with them are Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and more. By putting a good spotlight on Conan, the media is inherently giving dogs like her a good name. This could potentially shift the public eye on certain breeds of dogs for the better!

Why this is bad:

Belgian Malinois are very good dogs. They can be trained to do a number of things like search and rescue, agility, drug and bomb searching, and even to simply play fetch. But with their obedience comes their energy. These dogs need a lot of exercise and attention that an ordinary person would not be able to handle.
It’s important for breeders, shelters, and pet stores to have strict rules on who can and can’t adopt a dog. There are people who are not fit to own a dog like this. People who work a lot, people who have other dogs, people who don’t have a yard for them to run around in, people who have young children. These are all things that can prevent these dogs from living the life they need and deserve.

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