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keep your dog safe in grafton ma

Keep Your Dog Safe in Grafton, MA

Halloween is tomorrow! Isn’t it crazy how quickly this year is flying by? We wanted to take this time to remind you to keep your dog safe in Grafton, MA by being cautious of your dog this Halloween!

Here are a few tips to keep your dog safe!

Glow Sticks & Pets Don’t Mix!

Most of the time, the chemicals in glow sticks are non-toxic to your furry friend. But to be on the safer side, keep them out of reach from your dog!

Candy Is for People, Not Pets!

We all know that dogs can’t have chocolate as it could be lethal, but did you know that dogs can also get extremely sick from other candies? Sugar-free candy is sweetened with xylitol which is very poisonous to dogs. Make sure to keep an eye out when your kids come home from trick or treating!

Pug-kins & Corn-gi’s

Although in small amounts, dogs can have pumpkins and corn, in larger amounts your dog can get very sick from these Halloween decorations. With the possibility of mold forming on a pumpkin or corn being uncooked, dogs should be kept away!

Be Cautious of Your Dog’s Costume

If you decide to dress your dog in a Halloween costume, be cautious of how tight the costume is along with what kind of material the costume is made of. You wouldn’t want to be put in a costume that was uncomfortable, so don’t put your dog through that!

Keep an Eye Out While Handing Out Candy

When you hand out candy to trick or treaters tomorrow night, keep an eye out for your dog near the door! He or she could be spooked by the strangers coming up to their home dressed in costumes. This presents an opportunity for your dog to run out the door. As an extra precaution, contact us for some obedience training!

Be safe out there & Happy Halloween!