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Meet Alye: Our Marketing Manager

Hi everyone! My name is Alye and I run the social media and marketing for Kinematic Canine! I also created the website; I hope you all like it and find it easy to use! I wanted to write a little something to introduce myself, I hate to hide behind a screen.

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Nala & Pepper

Kyle is my girlfriend’s brother, he asked me for some help with his site and social media a few months ago. I, of course, said I would help! I have a background in marketing and always love to help when I can. I live in Warwick, Rhode Island with my girlfriend, Amber, and our two cats, Nala & Pepper. We unfortunately are not able to get a dog because we live in an apartment but have always wanted one. I love pugs, pit bulls, boxers, and German shepherds. We are hoping one day to buy a house and rescue a couple of dogs!

I’m not someone who knows much about dog training, so I know that when we do eventually rescue, Kyle is going to help us train them! But I am learning a lot about dog training through the blogs I write for the website, the social media posts and ads, and from general conversations about dog training with Kyle. It’s been really interesting to dive into a subject like dog training and learn as much as I can in order to produce content to fill social media and the website when I didn’t know anything about it a few months ago. Kyle has been a huge help in helping me understand why it is so important to hire a dog trainer. I couldn’t imagine having a dog who misbehaves, my cats are tough enough!

I hope that when you see a post or a blog or an update on the website, you can see behind the technology and know that there is someone on the other side (me!) who wants to show the world, or at least New England, the benefits of using Kinematic Canine for their dog training needs. I also want to break the barrier, in a way. When we scroll on Facebook or Instagram, we see a brand posting and we just assume that’s all that there is. Marketing is a very hidden industry, and I’ve noticed that in the companies I’ve worked for in my marketing career. I do the same work for my full-time job at Performance Adjusting and Rhode Island Restoration. There’s always a person behind the post, the blog, the ad, the commercial, whatever you’re digitally consuming. I’m lucky enough to have a company where I can show you who I am through the website and social media.

If you have any questions about me or need a website created or updated, feel free to email me at I have always loved that in marketing, I get to talk to so many different people and learn about so many different things. I hope you are all staying safe and looking forward to the future of Kinematic Canine!

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alye pollack website designer– Alye Pollack, Marketing Manager for Kinematic Canine & Independent Web Designer