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Why should you choose Kinematic Canine as your dog’s trainer? Our team strives to offer the best dog training services, providing basic obedience classes, puppy classes, loose leash walking, walking services, and more in our training facility. From correcting unwanted behavior, regardless of breed, our programs work to train dogs with off-leash training, obedience training, and more.

Currently, we have 3 incredible professional dog trainers with problem-solving training programs custom-tailored to correct a variety of specific needs within our service areas. One of our dog trainers focuses solely on clients in Southern New Hampshire, while the other two experienced dog trainers focus on clients in Central Massachusetts.

kyle cordero dog trainer kinematic canine ma

Kyle Cordero

Owner, Dog Trainer

Southern New Hampshire Area

     Kinematic Canine is owned and operated by Kyle Cordero, CPDT-KA. Kyle has been training dogs on a part time basis since 2014. His somewhat short time experience is made up of his experience and expertise in other areas.
     In 2008, Kyle joined the US Army as a Military Police Officer and proudly deployed twice to Afghanistan in 2010 and 2013. He was an instructor in many capacities and developed a love for teaching others. During all this time he learned to scuba dive and discovered the whole new world we sometimes take for granted. During this time, he took many courses and eventually worked as a commercial diver recovering sunken boats and other treasures. He was an assistant scuba instructor teaching others to dive.
     Following his most recent deployment to Afghanistan he became a Police Officer in Norwood, MA where he worked for 5 years. He was involved in multiple units to include the warrant apprehension unit and the accident reconstruction team as well as a patrolman who worked for all three shifts. While working part time as a dog trainer he knew that was his true and loved passion. 5 years after he became a police officer, he decided to leave police work and chase his dream of working with dogs on a full-time basis.
     During these experiences Kyle has filled his toolbox with a large amount of teaching, communication and interpersonal skills making him an ideal facilitator to translate the dog world into an easy to understand language for our human clients. He eagerly takes many classes for dog training professionals as well as attends conferences and seminars developed by the industries leading professionals that are held all around the US.
     He is a proud member of the CCPDT and APDT and is a firm believer in the use of the most humane and scientifically proven methods to train dogs. He and his German Shepherd Samantha are apprentice members of the FEMA K9 Search and Rescue Team to work as a live-find handler/K9 team. He truly enjoys training dogs for obedience, agility and scent detection.

greg davis dog trainer kinematic canine central Massachusetts

Greg Davis

Dog Trainer

Central Massachusetts Area

     Greg Davis is preparing for his Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) under the mentoring of Kyle Cordero. Greg has had dogs for most of his life and with his last 3 he has started to develop his trainings skills, and is now looking to pursue dog training full time as retirement approaches.
     Greg is currently a pediatric intensive care nurse at Boston Medical Center, and is very active in coaching and instructing skiing for the Wachusett Mountain Race Team. His expertise and experience with communication, observation, and lesson plan development, that is used in nursing and coaching are highly applicable to the field of canine training and conflict solutions. He brings the same passion he applies towards all his professional endeavors to his opportunities when working with owners and their dogs. Greg enthusiastically develops teaching sessions within the guidelines of the Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and the Association of Professional Dog Trainer (APDT). He is constantly striving to use the most humane and scientifically proven methods to train dogs and work with their owners.
     “Every time I go out with and work with an owner and their dog, I take away something from that interaction. The goal for me is to leave something bigger than I have received from that interaction. What I am experiencing, is that this journey of canine training is a constant act of learning and applying a blend of established and new skill sets, for both dog and the owner. There are so many variables that you never stop learning something new and this just adds to the tool box of training skills you can bring to an owner.”
     We at Kinematic Canine have found Greg to be, enthusiastic, increasingly knowledgeable, and very thorough in his evaluations and approaches to our clients, their dogs, and their situations. If you look on his training vest you will see the mantra that he brings to every dog and dog owner he meets…Be Worthy.

Kate Kapusta dog trainer kinematic canine central Massachusetts

Kate Kapusta

Dog Trainer

Central Massachusetts Area

     Please welcome Kinematic’s newest team member, Kate Kapusta, AKA Kinematic Kate.
     Kate has spent her whole life working with rescue dogs, and is currently studying for her CPDT-KA. She is the intake lead for Last Hope K-9 Rescue, an organization that assists families with re-homing their pets due to financial, family or other issues. Kate has a lifetime of experience fostering dogs of all breeds, including a pit bull/shepherd mix just after graduating college. Her experience with over 13 fosters  gives her invaluable experience with behavior and training. Her involvement with so many varied types of foster dogs translates to real world applications of dog training. Kate understands “the why” of dogs being re homed due to a lack of training or family compatibility.
     Kate is a strong believer that every dog, even within the same breed, is an individual, as is their human. She is a firm believer that the initial consult is vital, as it gives her the opportunity to learn as much about the dog, as well as the family. This allows her to create an individual training plan that is unique for every client.
     Kate’s hobbies include mountain biking, skiing, hiking and horseback riding, as well as paddle boarding (with her dogs of course). She is looking forward to involving her high energy dog Shay in agility classes soon. As her kids get older, Kate’s goal is to rescue dogs whose behavior issues have made them difficult to adopt. She is excited to use her skills and experience to help them become great family pets.

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