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Going Back To Work?

When you inevitably head back to work, your dog may not be ready for you to leave! Dogs can exhibit severe separation anxiety once you return to your normal work day. We can make the transition much easier.

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What Is Separation Anxiety In Dogs?

When your dog is with you 24/7, they develop a strong dependency to you. When you leave them, they may exhibit behaviors you may not want to see, like tearing apart your living room, peeing on the carpet, digging, howling, etc.

Even with the best trained dogs, separation anxiety after quarantine is almost unavoidable. That’s where a dog trainer, like us, step in! We can help make the transition from quality time, all the time to going back to work easy on your dog and you!

separation anxiety dog trainer massachusetts

Separation Anxiety Dog Training

separation anxiety dog trainer in massachusetts

We’d be happy to begin in-person training!

  • By starting now (before you return to work), we can prepare your dog to behave well on their own.
  • If you’ve already returned to work and have come home to a mess, we can nip these behaviors in the butt right away to prevent any other issues.

Signs of Separation Anxiety

Ready To Start Separation Anxiety Training?

Our trainers would love to get started training your dog!