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Kyle has a very unique gift in how he understands dogs, of all breeds. He gave me a few pointers and tips for my very anxious boy, Dixon, who has since started to come out of his shell. Everything made sense when he explained it to us and has made a world of difference. My female, Koia, loves to play with other dogs but if toys are introduced, she tends to guard them a snarl. She is still a work in progress but yet another thing Kyle was able to break down and find a resolution for within a day! I highly recommend Kinematic Canine, you will not be disappointed!
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Koia & Dixon
I had Kyle work with my fiancee’s miniature poodle. Kyle met with him once a week for at least an hour for 6 weeks. After the 6 weeks it was like night and day, you could really tell the difference in his behavior. I’m extremely happy with the results, if I ever get another dog, I would definitely want to work with Kyle again!
Tony & JD
Kyle is an amazing trainer!! Kyle and my boyfriend deployed to Afghanistan together and are longtime friends. We got Houston, our one year old German Shepard, after meeting Sammy, Kyle’s German Shepard, and how well behaved and extremely intelligent she is. We sent Houston to work with Kyle and we have been amazed on how much he has taught Houston. From obedience training to searching for objects. You name it he’s knows it. His passion and interest in training makes him stand out from the others. Anytime we had a question or concern he has never hesitated to help. He believes in positive reinforcement and consistency. I would most definitely recommend Kyle to anyone. Whether it’s for basic obedience, search/rescue, concerns, problems, etc.
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I cannot recommend Kyle and Kinematic Canine enough! Kyle did wonders training Wookie, our somewhat stubborn Newfie. My wife and I had poor luck with several trainers. Then we tried Kyle and we were amazed at his work. It’s like we have a totally different dog now. He seems to have a unique ability to really interpret dog behavior. He is definitely the most knowledgeable trainer we have met and Wookie immediately responded to him. We can’t say enough good things about him.
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Mike & Gail
Kyle is extremely knowledgeable and even though I thought I knew everything about my dogs, within one weekend, I learned more than I ever thought I could. One of my dogs is blind and it was amazing to learn about his specific behaviors and the feelings connected to them. He brought a completely new perspective into my life as a dog parent and also better understanding for me about how my dogs interact with the world and why. Kyle truly is an expert in this area, I highly recommend him and you won’t be disappointed with his services!
blind dog trainer in massachusetts
Kyle at Kinematic Canine is a top notch dog trainer. I have a 2 year old German Shepard and Kyle has not just trained my dog, but has also taught me very important things that no other trainer has taught me about my dog. I 100% recommended Kinematic Canine to all my friends with pets and I guarantee you will not be disappointed in Kyle’s work.
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