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Is your dog’s personal training lacking? Find out why pet parents alike love Kinematic Canine as the best dog training company in New England! Our skilled professional dog trainers offer services around the New Hampshire area including dog behavior consultations, behavior modification, leash walking training, group sessions, or even a private lesson. We understand no two dogs are alike.

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Before you decide which route to take in meeting your dog’s training goals, simply take a look at the reviews our previous clients have chosen to write about their positive experience with Kinematic Canine. If you want to get your pup the best dog trainer for their next professional obedience classes, look no further than the dog trainers at Kinematic Canine.

What Our Clients Have To Say

"Kyle has a Very Unique Gift in How He Understands Dogs of all Breeds!"

When it came time to train my dog, Kyle gave me a few pointers and tips for my very anxious dog, Dixon. Since working with trainers, my one dog has started to come out of his shell. Once Kyle explained dog training to us everything began to make sense, and it made a world of difference for our dog. My female, Koia, loves to play with other dogs. Once toys are introduced, however, she tends to guard them with a snarl. Her dog aggression is still a work in progress, but a resolution was identified within one day in a training dog program thanks to Kyle's ability to break down information. After many years, I can see my dog's life improving. I highly recommend Kinematic Canine and its dog training programs. You will not be disappointed!
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Koia & Dixon

"Extremely Happy with the Results!"

I had Kyle and his team work with my fiance’s miniature poodle. Kyle began to train him through weekly classes for at least an hour for six weeks. After weeks of my pup's private lessons, the difference in our dog was like night and day. You could really tell the difference in Apollo's overall behavior after professional training classes, and I am extremely happy with the results. If I ever get another dog, I would definitely want to train through Kyle again!
Tony & JD

"Kyle is an Amazing Trainer!"

Kyle and my boyfriend deployed to Afghanistan together and have been friends for many years. We got Houston, our one-year-old German Shepherd, after meeting Kyle's German Shepherd Sammy. Once we saw how well-behaved and intelligent she is, we knew Kyle's program was for us. We sent Houston to work with Kyle due to his training methods, and we have been amazed at how much he was able to effectively teach Houston. Kyle took the time to create an obedience training plan to teach our dog to search for objects. You name it, when it comes to dog behavior and training, Kyle knows it. His passion and interest in dog training make him stand out from the others. Anytime we would contact him with a question or concern Kyle never hesitated to help. As a professional dog trainer, he believes positive reinforcement and consistency produce successfully trained dogs. I would most definitely recommend Kyle to anyone looking for dog training, jumping, or even aggressive dog rehabilitation training.
german shepherd dog trainer in massachusetts

"I Cannot Recommend Kyle's Training Enough!"

Kyle did wonders training my dog Wookie, a rather stubborn Newfie. My wife and I had a poor training experience with another trainer. However, when we took our dog to Kyle we were amazed at the difference - it’s like our dog's a totally different dog now. Kyle has this innate ability to interpret any dog behavior, in order to correct excessive barking, separation anxiety, etc. He is definitely the most knowledgeable dog trainer we have ever met, and Wookie immediately responded to his techniques. We truly can’t say enough good things about Kyle.
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Mike & Gail

"Kyle is Extremely Knowledgeable!"

Even though I thought I knew everything about my dogs, I learned more information than I ever thought I could about my dog within one weekend. In fact, my one dog is blind, and it was amazing to learn about his specific behaviors and the feelings connected to them. He brought a completely new perspective into my dog's life, and even mine as a pet parent. I now have a better understanding in regard to how my one dog interacts with the world and why, thanks to an informative visit and all of Kyle's expertise. He is a true expert in his field, and I highly recommend him and his classes. You won’t be disappointed with Kyle or his programs!
blind dog trainer in massachusetts

"Kinematic Canine's Staff are Top Notch Dog Trainers!"

I have a 2-year-old German Shepherd, and Kyle was integral in getting my dog trained. He taught me some very important aspects of my dog's own abilities that no other dog trainers bothered to teach me about my own dog. I 100% recommended Kinematic Canine to all my friends who are pet owners. After my first-hand positive experience with his obedience programs, I guarantee you will not be disappointed in Kyle’s work and dog advice.
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Kinematic Canine offers a variety of puppy training solutions, adult dog obedience, and even dog behavior consultations to improve quality of life. If you need help with leash control training, improving dog behavior, or want to book an information visit, our dog trainers offer dog owners the best solution in order to train their puppy or dog.

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