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Kinematic Canine offers a wide variety of specialized dog training services for all ages, sizes, and breeds! From canine good citizens to basic manners, in both individual and group class styles, our professional dog trainers have a training program suited to your pet’s needs.

A one time introduction session is required before starting private lessons.

This is a meet and greet for you, your family, and your dog. We discuss problem behaviors, and client goals and expectations. An initial training plan is developed based on customers’ needs and wants. This private consultation can last from 1 to 2 hours.


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Find The Right Training For Your Dog

Puppy Program

Puppies 10 weeks to 4 months

Objective: Teach your puppy – sit, stay, recall, down, heel, deal with crowds, dogs, people, sounds, fireworks, socialization, and others. Our professional trainers get straight to work, with puppies of all ages, from the very beginning of their first visit. This course is great for pet owners in Massachusetts or New Hampshire area who are searching for group lessons.

This class lasts six weeks and serves as a great option for people who want their canines to develop good behavior early on. Dogs who complete this type of training are less likely to suffer from separation anxiety, excessive barking, and dog aggression as an adult dog. Before long, when dealing with the best dog trainer, your dog might even find itself in advanced training programs.

6 sessions at 1 hour per session - $580

Basic Obedience

For dogs over the age of 4 months

Objective: To advance you and your dog’s skills, or to establish a foundation for your dog. Although your dog is not required to have taken or completed the Puppy Program to participate in obedience training, it can make a big difference. Starting with the basics of dog training will get your dog off on the right foot, and go great lengths in avoiding behavior modification.

When puppy group classes are completed successfully, animals are typically more willing to participate in training. Kinematic Canine‘s basic obedience course is a training option that teaches positive behavior, such as sit, stay, come, leash training, and more. When it comes to trained dogs, you will notice a marked improvement in behavior around animals and other dogs, ability to participate in loose leash walking, decrease in jumping, and more.

4 sessions at 1 hour per session – $399
6 sessions at 1 hour per session – $580*
8 sessions at 1 hour per session – $750*
*Eligible for AKC Star Puppy Program or AKC Good Citizen Program

Advanced Obedience

For dogs over the age of 4 months

This level of training is for dogs who are pros at sit, stay, fetch, leash work, off-leash training, and much more. They’re ready to please. For dog owners interested in diving beyond the basic sit and stay, advanced classes enable dogs to delve deeper into learning theory and advanced concepts. By working with a professional dog trainer early on, your dog has a higher chance of reaching exceptional levels of training.

Objective: Teaches competition-style commands and precision and gives dog owners a better understanding of what it takes to compete in trials or work in a canine-based profession. This level of dog training is for the best of the best, with training sessions of varying lengths.

4 sessions at 1 hour per session – $399
6 sessions at 1 hour per session – $580*
8 sessions at 1 hour per session – $750*
*Eligible for AKC Star Puppy Program or AKC Good Citizen Program

Private Lesson

Dogs of any age

This type of dog training session is where we can better address all concerns or issues in one-hour sessions. Once you participate in an initial consult (see above), your dog can enjoy a private lesson of its very own. Please note, this option is separate from any of our other packages listed above.

Are Private Lessons Right for You?

Private training lessons are a great option in determining the most appropriate training options available for your dog. In this way, our dog trainers are better equipped to address undesirable behavior and produce a trained, well-behaved member of the family. With private dog obedience classes, we can focus on problem-solving and behavior modification to improve daily life for puppies, adult dogs, and pet parents alike.

1 session at 1 hour per session – $120

If you have 2 dogs in the same household, the second dog will be half off for the same type of training!

Ready to Start your Dog Training in MA or NH?

Are you ready to help your dog reach its full potential? Put an end to chewing and jumping with behavior modification with professional dog training. If you are in the Massachusetts or New Hampshire area, simply book a dog training session to begin.  For more information, submit our online contact form or give us a call to book an appointment.