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What Can My Dog Eat This Holiday Season

What Can My Dog Eat This Holiday Season?

Thanksgiving has passed and we’re sure your dog was sitting right there next to you begging for a turkey leg. You might’ve given him a couple pieces of white meat from the turkey but as he sprinted to the baked mac and cheese, you told him “no” and gave him his bone. Now that Christmas & Hanukkah are weeks away, you’re probably wondering what can my dog eat under the table and what you must tell your guests to keep him away from.

What Can My Dog Eat – Turkey & Turkey Bonescan my dog eat turkey

Can: White meat from turkey is okay for your pup in moderation as well as an uncooked turkey bone.

Can’t: Keep them away from the dark meat as it has a high fat content. Turkey skin contains different seasonings and salt that you may have cooked with and can cause intoxication and other health issues. Cooked turkey bones are a big NO as they can become dangerous and cause issues with your dog’s digestive tract since they dry out and become fragile while baking.

What Can My Dog Eat – Vegetables, Casseroles & Soups

Can: Raw, unseasoned vegetables like green beans and carrots are actually good for your dog! As they contain fiber, they will keep your dog feeling full and hopefully away from the dining table!

Can’t: Onions and garlic are commonly found in green bean casseroles and soups which in large quantities is toxic to dogs. Heavy cream is also in green bean casserole and some soups that you could be serving. This can be difficult for your dogs stomach and possibly cause vomiting and diarrhea.

What Can My Dog Eat For Desserts & Piescan my dog eat pumpkin pie

Can: Dogs love pumpkin and sweet potato purée! You can find these sweet, filling treats in cans at your local grocery store when you shop for your human friends’ food.

Can’t: Everyone knows that chocolate is deadly for dogs, but did you know that a lot of other holiday desserts can be just as harmful? Keep them away from pies and cakes as they contain high amounts of sugar, preservatives, additives, and unhealthy fats!

What Can My Dog Eat For Kinds of Potatoes

Can: If you keep your mashed or baked potatoes plain and free from salt, feel free to give your dog a bite or two! Both white and sweet potatoes will tempt your dog, even if you’re not the best cook!

Can’t: The mashed potatoes you make from processed flakes from a bag are off limits for your dog as well as anything fried, loaded with salt, or made with dairy.

What Can My Dog Eat For Kinds of Nuts

Can: Peanut butter! Fill a Kong toy with some all natural peanut butter and your dog will be entertained while you and your family chow down.

Can’t: Macadamia nuts are very toxic to dogs. Make sure your nephews don’t try sneaking them off their dessert plate.

Other Things To Keep Them From Eating

• Alcohol

• Raisins and grapes

• Anything with salt and sugar

• Nutmeg

• Ham and bacon

• Dairy products

• Candy

• Caffeine

• Fruit cakes

When in doubt, give your dog a toy, a couple of treats, and a cozy spot far from the chestnuts roasting on an open fire! Always be sure to keep an eye on your dog around foods and if they have anything they shouldn’t, contact your veterinarian right away. If you find that your dog won’t stop jumping on your guests laps, whining while you cook in the kitchen, or simply won’t behave this holiday season, a few training sessions from a top dog trainer in MA will be a great holiday gift for your canine best friend!

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