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what is virtual dog training

What Is Virtual Dog Training?

Hey friends! Let me start by saying that I hope you are all staying healthy and busy. I wanted to write up a post to update you all on our virtual dog training addition to the company!

We are in week 5..? Of quarantine? I don’t know, all the days are mixing together.  So I haven’t seen any of you since the beginning and that you haven’t seen me. That makes your situations at home.. Let’s say “trying..” at times and my times are somewhat awkward. I am so used to seeing those happy tails when the “cookie man” walks in your front door, and I miss that so much. So in essence, this is a weird time for you, me, your dog, and dog training as an industry. That begs the question, what do we do? How can I help you? We adapt and overcome the hand we have been dealt. As of last week, I am all set up to provide remote sessions. 

What Is Virtual/Online Dog Training?

This is a chance for us to discuss and work through your concerns about your dog when we aren’t able to meet in-person. You’ll still get the full benefit of all of my comments, suggestions, and thoughts about your dog’s behavior as though we were meeting for an in-home session.

How Does Virtual Dog Training Work?

With most of the world learning new ways to interact, work, and basically live on technology, I knew I had to do the same when it comes to my business. I knew I didn’t want to stop doing what I love while this whole pandemic keeps us inside. So I set up Kinematic Canine to work on most video chat softwares! FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook, you name it! Whatever works for you and your dog.

I’ve found that Zoom has been the best for virtual dog training, but any of them will work. Check out the image below for a demonstration on the best way we can virtually train your dog!virtual dog training kinematic canine

Why Should I Start Virtual Dog Training?

Video chats and online learning can be intimidating. I completely understand why some people are hesitant to use it. I used to hate video calls myself. They always made me feel awkward and the thought of staring at someone else on screen while they stared at me just wasn’t my idea of a good time. But after doing a few sessions, I’ve found they aren’t so bad. In fact they can be equal to or even better than an in-home visit! It allows for flexible scheduling and a low stress environment for your dog. Via video, I get to see your dog in their environment doing the things that they never seem to do when I’m in your house. So let’s give it a shot! Learn more by clicking here.

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– Kyle